I'm only new to Pearler and I am finding the App unbelievably difficult to navigate.
The dashboard is messy and cluttered - just too much going on. As the first page your greeted with it really sets the tone for Pearler as chaotic and messy.
I feel the 'net wealth' and 'accounts' sections should be somewhere else. When I first log in I want to see how much cash I've got in my Pearler account and what my current investments are doing. It should also be top priority and super EASY to add / withdraw funds or see the transactions I've set up. I've spent literally days trying to figure out the auto-invest and how it works and had inadvertently set-up two auto withdrawals (luckily I have the budget to cover this mistake) and could spend the next two days figuring out how to cancel one of them.
It all just feels a bit clunky and forgotten. Like you've just kept adding 'cool new things' without thinking about the overall functionality of the app. It also comes across as kinda 'click-batey' the number of links, pages, tabs etc that have to be opened and navigated through to do simple tasks like look at investment options, add funds etc.