"Another, for LIC's, would be a discount/premium to NTA. Like Pat the Shuffler's calculator.
If you added this as a 'Buy asset rule' in the Auto-Invest options, you'd quite possibly win some LIC-loving investors here. I don't know of anybody that offers something like this - at least not without either programing or instructions to a person.
The two options from this that strongly appeal to me are:
1) Auto-Invest 'Buy asset rule' of something like "Buy LIC with greatest discount", and
2) an additional rule of "Buy $xxxx.xx of XYZ LIC when trading at greater than 12% (or whatever) discount to NTA.
For investors who want to buy a stable income (eg old LIC's who dividend smooth), there can be analysis paralysis from trying to figure out which LIC is best value when they're ready to tip more money into one."
Additional info see attached.